Week of 1/15 – 1/19

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 1/15 No School – MLK Day
Tuesday, 1/16  8th Grade Basketball @ Frontier – 3:30
Wednesday, 1/17 Early Release – Personalized Learning Plan work @ 12:30 in Media Center
Thursday, 1/18 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

7th Grade Basketball

Budget Meeting @ 3:00 – Media Center

Friday, 1/19 College Gear!

Budget Meeting!

We will be holding a budget meeting in the Media Center on Thursday, 1/18 @ 3:00.  This is one of three meetings we hold throughout the year to discuss where we are within our budget.

Technology Calibration Survey


As we reach the halfway point in our school year, we are doing an incredible job utilizing technology to facilitate teaching and learning at Frontier.  Thanks to the innovation of our staff, we have discovered numerous excellent resources to support learning experience.

Something I have noticed from parents, however, is some confusion around the abundance of programs that are being used.  Mathematically, it makes sense – if a student has 5 teachers who all use applications/programs in a variety of ways, I can see the potential for confusion.

As we head into 2018-2019, we will want to become more aligned in what students use – across the board – so we can support one another, support students, and support their families.

In an effort to see who is using what (and how often), please take the survey below:

Technology use survey

I am asking for everyone to please take this survey – it is critical to our planning moving forward.  Thank you!


Notable Upcoming Dates


  • Wednesday, 1/17 – Early Release PD –> we will be working on our Personalized Learning Plans during this time.  Please give yourself time to re-acclimate with your PLP before 1/17.
  • Wednesday, 1/24 – Staff Meeting (TBA)
  • Wednesday 1/24 & Thursday 1/25 – Frontier School Play – Crimson House Mystery
  • Monday, 1/29 – Non work-day (unless snow makeup day)

2018-2019 Forecasting Information

Our forecasting information for the 2018-2019 school year has been updated.  To see dates/events, please click here –> 2018-2019 Forecasting Schedule or view below:


Monday Tuesday Motivation

Today’s motivation comes from a video highlighting an example of what happens when kids realize that their are no limitations in what they can achieve.  A bit of a tearjerker!



Week of 1/8 – 1/12

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 1/8 N/A
Tuesday, 1/9 Awards:

  • 6th/7th Grade – 8:30 – Student Center
  • 8th Grade – 1:45 – Student Center

Parent Group Meeting – 6:30 PM in Media Center

Wednesday, 1/10 ILT Meetings – After School

8th Boys Basketball vs. Wy’East @ FMS – 3:30

Thursday, 1/11 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Band Concert @ 7:00 – Student Center

Friday, 1/12 Frontier Gear!

Silverback Pride Awards


On Tuesday, students receiving academic and Silverback P.R.I.D.E. (Perseverance, Resilience, Initiative, Dedication and Effort) awards.  Please excuse students to the student center when announced.  Awards will take place at the following times:

  • 6th/7th – 8:30 in the Student Center
  • 8th – 1:45 in the Student Center

Thank you for taking time to recognize our hardworking Silverbacks!


ILT Meeting – Wednesday

Just a reminder, Wednesday will be ILT meetings.  Please be sure to join your group as you continue working on your action plan.  You should all have access to the feedback provided on the Google Docs from our December shareout.  To access, please go to the Frontier MS ItsLearning page.


Technology Support Update (Please Read)

Please see Marshall’s email below regarding technology issues, particularly involving student password troubleshooting:

Following are some common issues that students are experiencing in the use of their Chromebooks. 

All of them are simple to address and can be done in the classroom by the student:

  1. Computer won’t turn on (likely issue is that it is not charged).
    • Have the student plug their Chromebook in for 5 minutes and see if it will turn on.
    • Verify that the cord is plugged in correctly
  2. Computer is not functioning properly (Chromebook needs to be restarted)
    • Hold the power button down for 15-20 seconds to fully shut the machine down.
    • Restart the Chromebook.
  3. Setting/Resetting the Password on the Chromebook
  4. Skyward Password Reset

If you would like to reset a student password, follow these directions:

  1. Reset Secondary Student Password

In the event that the above do not resolve the problem consider the following:

  1. Call 7034 to see if Angie Lantagne is available to help the student in room #34.
  2. Email Angie Lantagne with the student’s name so she can follow up with them when she is available.
  3. Do not send students to room 34 without connecting with Angie first.

Forgotten chargers/Chromebooks:

If a student forgets to bring them, we do not have any extra to offer. They will have to work with paper and pencil. 
  • If you notice a student without their device for multiple days please ask them where it is.
  • Send an email to Angie to follow up if it continues to be forgotten.

For teacher technology issues, please submit a remedy force ticket to IT



Happy Birthday from the Sunshine Committee!

Please take a moment to celebrate the January birthdays of these amazing Silverbacks!

Morgan Schmitz   1/2

Michele Kerr   1/2

Suzanne Borchers   1/5

Amanda Godsil   1/10

Cynthia Dittos   1/13

Anthony Kay   1/25

Anna Sylvester   1/27



Notable Upcoming Dates


  • Monday, 1/15 – No School (MLK Day)
  • Wednesday, 1/17 – Early Release PD –> we will be working on our Personalized Learning Plans during this time.  Please give yourself time to re-acclimate with your PLP before 1/17.
  • Wednesday, 1/24 – Staff Meeting (TBA)
  • Wednesday 1/24 & Thursday 1/25 – Frontier School Play – Crimson House Mystery
  • Monday, 1/29 – Non work-day (unless snow makeup day)





Week of 1/3 – 1/5

Welcome Back!

I hope that you all had a rested and wonderful break.  I have always marveled at how unique the job of an educator is.  We all recognize how necessary it is to take that break, slow down, recover and rejuvenate.

With breaks (stops and starts) comes an opportunity to embark on our next stretch of great work with kids!  I’m not a big resolutions guy, but I – we – always resolve to do what is best for kids.  Heading into 2018, I am still focused on the goals we set out to accomplish this year:


Reflecting on 2017, I feel that we have done a great job towards achieving these goals:

  • Workshop systems/structures/routines & Compelling Unit Design:  Teachers and teams are working hard to create compelling units of instruction for students; these units have resulted in numerous amazing products.  Just before we left for break, we had Math students designing children’s books explaining circumference/area (shared with Pioneer students), we had Humanities students creating a museum to explain the lives of ancient cultures (hosted for Pioneer students), and we had science students pitching alternative energy sources to Clark County PUD employees, just to name a few!  We know that authentic, meaningful activities lead to increased engagement!
  • Community/restorative circles & Positive teacher/student relationships:  Thanks to the hard work of you all, community circles are becoming a strong tenet of classroom culture at Frontier.   As I said in August, kids don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  Frontier is comprised of incredible, compassionate staff and I am so grateful for this!  As we finish out the year, ILT groups will continue to highlight ways in which we can strengthen these connections in an effort to help students feel safe and successful in their endeavors.
  • Studio Labs:  As part of our work with Sam Bennett, we have had several opportunities this year for colleagues to host Studio Labs in their classrooms.  We know we learn best when we can see the work that we do, live in action.  I have witnessed some amazing professional learning take place this year from these structures, led by our teachers and instructional coaches.  The impact is real.  As we finish out 2018, we are thinking of ways to make this accessible to others in the building, as well.
  • Collaborative structures with colleagues:  One of my core beliefs is that we cannot grow if we work in isolation.  The work of PLCs is an important component of this as we work collaboratively to meet the needs of kids.  That being said, the structure of PLCs is not always available in the same way to all.  This year, we shifted our Professional Development to include the work of Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs).  We will continue to explore our personalized learning plans as we think about areas of our own practice and how that growth can impact student learning.  We’ve been able to collaborate with like-minded colleagues in this work and will continue to do so.  This will include sharing some of our work with Shahala Middle School.  Stay tuned!

As you can see, you are all doing a wonderful job of fulfilling our goals for 2017-2018!  I look forward to the amazing things that lie ahead!

Thanks for all that you do!

~ Griffin


Key Dates

Date Event
Wednesday, 1/3 Welcome Back!
Thursday, 1/4 Bill Oman (Director of Sec. Education) Classroom Walkthroughs – 8:30 – 9:30
Friday, 1/5 First week of 2018 in the books!  🙂

For those of you would like to have a glance at the month as a whole, here is a snapshot of January.  Be advised, it may not include all events, but it does provide a snapshot of most events in January.





Week of 12/18 – 12/20

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 12/18 Candy Gram Deliveries – 5th Period

Choir Concert @ 7:00 PM – Student Center

Tuesday, 12/19 Holiday Assembly – 8:45 – Student Center

Bill Oman (Director of Sec. Education) Building Visit – 1:30 – 2:30

Wednesday, 12/20 Early Release

ILT Shareout – After School in Media Center


Holiday Assembly – Assembly Schedule

On Tuesday, 12/19, the Holiday Assembly will be held from 8:45 – 9:45 in the Student Center.  The schedule for the day will be adjusted using our new Assembly Schedule.  Details for the day are below:



Week in Review

On Monday and Tuesday, Illustrative Math – the new EPS Math Curriculum – sent a trainer to spend time modeling in-class lessons and debriefing with PLCs.

On Wednesday, hoopsters took to the court as basketball season began!  This year, a majority of the boys and girls basketball seasons will run separately.


On Thursday, Residency Lab teachers hosted studio classrooms where teachers observed student learning in action, took risks, and reflected on their own instructional practice.  An awesome day of learning ensued!!!!


On Friday, 7th grade Humanities hosted their 2nd annual CoffeeHouse Reading, where students, parents, and other guests nestled alongside some hot cocoa, coffee, cider, and cookies, as students read copies of their recently published realistic fiction pieces.  Parents provided feedback to students while students read their pieces in an authentic setting.  A great turnout and awesome display of student voice!  Thanks to all those who helped with this event!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Candy Grams

On Monday, during 5th period, we will be bringing Candy Grams down to each 5th period classroom.  This is connected to a Parent Group fundraiser.  The candy grams will come in a plastic bin with the name of each recipient on a tag.  Please return the bins to the front office!  Thank you!


Wednesday 12/20 ER

On Wednesday, we will be holding our ILT shareout.  During this time, teams will be prepared to share their progress thus far.  Teams will need access to their Action Plans and/or any other materials they may want before presenting.  We will form groups where we share our progress thus far and record any wonderings/notices in a Google Doc, similar to last year.


Mindset and Bullying

Maria Rose shared a great article last week about how a growth mindset can reduce bullying.  We have talked about mindset for years now and it’s certainly part of our students’ vernacular, as well.  Thanks, Maria, for the article!

Reduce Bullying by Cultivating Growth Mindsets


Here’s to a great week – you can do this!!!!!  🙂



Week of 12/11 – 12/15


Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 12/11 Illustrative Math Training (All Day) – Math PLCs
Tuesday, 12/12 Illustrative Math Debrief (All Day) – Math PLCs

District Volleyball Tournament

Orchestra Concert – Student Center @ 7:00

Wednesday, 12/13 ILT Meetings – After School
Thursday, 12/14 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Frontier Residency Lab

Friday, 12/15 Mike Espinosa & Ryan Theodoriches Humanities Classroom Visits – 9:00 – 11:00

7th Humanities Coffee House Share-out – Student Center

Frontier Gear!

Holiday Cheer!

Thanks to Andrew and Michele Lovin for hosting the Silverback holiday celebration this year.  They are wonderful hosts and created an awesome experience for staff.  What a great way to kick-start the holidays with some amazing people!  Thanks, again, Andrew, Michele, Sunshine, and everyone else who participated in making this event memorable!



Welcome our new Day Lead custodian – Richard Cox!

On Monday, ABM will be transitioning our new Day Lead custodian – Richard Cox.  Richard has over 16 years of experience with ABM, most recently working at Hearthwood Elementary School.

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we have waited for our new Day Lead to take the helm.  We look forward to working with Richard and having him join the Silverback family.  Hopefully we can introduce him more formally next Wednesday at our early release.   If you have the chance and get to introduce yourself, please do so and welcome Richard!


ILT Meeting – Wednesday!

As a reminder, we will hold our final ILT meeting before the 12/20 December ILT shareout.  Below is a calendar of the next 1.5 weeks:

12/13 – ILT (This is a required meeting)
12/20 – Early Release Day/ILT Shareout

ILT shareout will run in a similar fashion to last year.  We will spend time connecting with colleagues before the holiday break and share updates about where we are in the midst of our Action Plans.  We are aware that we’ve only had a few meetings, so please make the most of our next required ILT meeting as prep (12/13).


Safety Committee Notes

Safety Committee Meeting Notes

Please pay special attention to the following safety reminders:

Lockdown DrillDecember 11 @ 12:00

Please review and practice the following protocol with your students:

  1. Move all students into the nearest classroom and away from windows and doors.

  2. Lock the door.

  3. Close all window shades.

  4. Direct all students away from sight lines through windows.

  5. Do not open the door for any reason.

  6. Take attendance. Account for students in your room.

  7. Keep a written log of the situation in your room in 15 minute intervals and monitor email if possible.

  8. Consider Run, Hide, Fight depending on the situation.

  9. Wait for further instructions.

District Safety Information –

  • All Staff need to wear their Evergreen District Identification badge visibly. Ie… on a lanyard or pinned to your shirt while at school.

  • If you see a visitor or any adult without a badge, please do the following:

    • Make eye contact and assess the situation

    • Say hello and introduce yourself

    • Ask them if they are looking for the front office

    • Escort them to the front office


Frontier Residency Lab Work!

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Frontier Residency Lab teachers will be hosting visitors in their classrooms as we work to get smarter about our own individual practice.  A special shout-out to Mr. Butenschoen and Mrs. Gibson for opening their classrooms for our learning.\



Week of 12/4 – 12/8

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 12/4 Volleyball @ FMS vs. Covington (8th) – 3:30

Above, Between, Below Anti-Bullying Assembly in the Large Gym – 8:05 (8th); 9:35 (7th); 12:45 (6th) – Assembly Schedule Day

Tuesday, 12/5 Wrestling @ Shahala – 3:30

Jazz Night – Student Center @ 7:00

Wednesday, 12/6 Pep Assembly @ 1:40 – Assembly Schedule Day
Thursday, 12/7 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Volleyball – TBA

Choir at the Grotto – 5:00

Friday, 12/8 College Gear!

Spirit Week!


Monday: December 4th – Ugly Sweater Day

Tuesday: December 5th – Teacher/student switch day– Students dress like teachers, teachers dress like students

Wednesday: December 6th – PEP ASSEMBLY COLOR WARS:   6th-Gray /  7th- White /  8th- Blue

Thursday: December 7th – Twin Day

Friday: December 8th – Crazy Day (hair, clothes, socks)

Reminder:  Bullying Assembly Today!

 Based on staff feedback, we now have an assembly schedule to create equity in the schedule during assemblies.  Below is the schedule for Monday’s Anti-Bullying Assembly.
bullying assembly schedule
You can also click here to see a spreadsheet containing the schedules for other assemblies (like Wednesday’s Pep Assembly).


All Hail the Soup Cook-Off Champion!

Another Silverback Soup-er-star entered the culinary hall of fame Friday during our annual Soup Cook-Off!  With an impressive (and delicious) 14 soups entered into the contest, there were no losers (only full bellies).  There was, however, a newly crowned champion….(DRUMROLL, please)……..

Congratulations Becky VanDomelen!!!!!

Becky won the hearts and stomachs of voters with an incredibly delicious Scandinavian Salmon Chowder.


Your 2017 Soup Cook-Off Champ!


Silverback staff enjoying the company and cooking of their colleagues…


Former champions vying for the crown!

ILT Meetings/December Shareout

12/6 – ILT Workgroup (This is optional – if your group would like another session this month, please arrange and communicate this with your ILT group members)
12/13 – ILT (This is a required meeting)
12/20 – Early Release Day/ILT Shareout

ILT shareout will run in a similar fashion to last year.  We will spend time connecting with colleagues before the holiday break and share updates about where we are in the midst of our Action Plans.  We are aware that we’ve only had a few meetings, so please make the most of our next required ILT meeting as prep (12/13).

Monday Motivation!

Although this is absolutely adorable. It’s probably a good analogy for those struggling students. They will eventually get there, but sometimes it’s really hard.

~ Lesley King

Happy Birthday from the Sunshine Committee!

The Sunshine committee would like to take a moment and recognize the following December birthdays!

Kristen Mann    12/4

Kim Souchex     12/13

Krista Abt          12/18

Nadia Khater     12/18


Staff Holiday Party!

The annual staff Holiday Party will be hosted by Andrew Lovin.  Please RSVP to Andrew and let him know who many are attending with you.  We are also asking $10 per person to cover food.  Last year was a great time – thank you to Andrew and Michele for hosting another party!  Looking forward to seeing you all there!  Details below:

Frontier Staff Holiday Party 

When: December 9th, 5pm until people leave 

Where: Andrew Lovin’s house 18000 NE 22nd Way behind Harmony Elementary and Pacific Middle School 

Cost: $10 per person please turn into Jennifer Furguson or Andrew Lovin in an envelope with the names of the people attending on it 

Gift Exchange (Optional): If you want to take part in the white elephant gift exchange it will be a $15 dollar limit and last year was fun, there just weren’t that many participants. If you don’t know how to participate ask Nadia Khater as she set the bar really high last year with what she brought.


Week of 11/27 – 12/1

Welcome Back!!!

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 11/27 Volleyball @ FMS vs. Liberty (7th) – 3:30
Tuesday, 11/28 Sam Bennett Residency Labs (all day)

Wrestling @ Cascade – 3:30

Wednesday, 11/29 Sam Bennett Residency Labs (all day)
Thursday, 11/30 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Sam Bennett Residency Labs (all day)

Volleyball @ FMS vs. Cascade (7th) – 3:30

Friday, 12/1 Frontier Gear!

Early Release – End of Tri

Soup Cook Off – After School in Rm 216


Welcome Back – Supporting Students (and staff) through December

Welcome back, everyone!  As many of us know, the “Holiday Stretch” (Thanksgiving through Winter Break) can be especially challenging for our students.  This can be due to unfavorable circumstances at home, lack of stability while not at school, or just cognitive misalignment with so many repeated breaks from school.

The PBIS ILT has been working on a couple of documents to support teachers during.  The first document is the Behavior Prevention Response flowchart.  This is a document that was created a couple of years ago as we transitioned into Behavior Prevention and Response and continues to be tweaked based as we learn and grow – essentially, this flowchart describes how we respond to student behaviors at the classroom and office level.

The second document is the Buddy Classroom Behavior Reflection Form.  The Buddy Classroom strategy is a prearranged classroom space (near a teacher’s classroom) where students who struggle to stop a behavior can go, reflect on their actions, and have time to decompress.  With Buddy Classrooms, it is important that we are consistent in our implementation.  Likewise, it is also important that the teacher reconnects with a student in the Buddy Classroom, as it is not just a place to put students who are misbehaving.

Behavior Prevention & Response Strategies

Buddy Classroom

We will discuss this information further as we head into the ILT shareout (12/20).


Important Dates – End of Tri/Grading

Below are some important dates courtesy of our amazing registrar, Suzanne Borchers:

  • Semester 1 ends December 1st
  • Grading opens December 1st and closes December 8th at 8:00 am for Semester 1.
  • Report cards mailed home by December 15th
  • Semester 2 schedules will be handed out Monday, December 4th during 1st period.


Literacy Grant – Read with Me (IQCU)

See below for a Literacy Grant opportunity from IQ Credit Union.  The deadline for applications is December 15th!

Literacy Grants (Grades 6 – 12)
If you are a middle or high school teacher and have an idea that promotes the love of reading to your students, we now have Literacy Grants available to support those ideas. These grants can be used to fund classroom enrichment, school supplies, or anything else related to your reading programs.

Apply for the grant here –>  IQCU Grant


Sam Bennett Residency Lab Work

This week (Tuesday – Thursday), admin, coaches, and Residency Lab teachers will be facilitating studio classroom observations.  This work supports our continued efforts to refine workshop planning practices (long-term unit design) as well as our daily implementation of workshop routines, rituals, structures and systems.

If you see people milling about the building, this is why.  Thank you!  🙂


Soup Cook-Off!!!

Just a reminder that Frontier’s annual Soup Cook-Off is scheduled for this Friday, December 1st!  As stated in Wednesday’s meeting, it is time for some new blood to claim the golden ladle!  See Tracy Rupprecht’s email below for the appropriate wordsmithing that this event deserves:

Fellow Silverbacks,
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Time to heat up your crock pots and polish your ladles!! The Annual Frontier Soup Cook-off is on!! Bring your favorite soup to share with your grateful and famished colleagues! Demonstrate your culinary prowess and bask in the warm accolades that ensue from your domestic endeavors! Let us delight in your soup, stew, or bisque! Astound us with your hearty potato chowder, beef broth or veggie stock!! Don’t hold back! We await your favorite family recipe, trade secret, or newest creation!
Your pride and joy will be shared on Friday, December 1st (early release day), after the little cherubs have returned to their nests. There will be voting for the best entry, and the winner will receive a MAJOR AWARD!!! All entries will receive the appropriate level of admiration and appreciation for their efforts!
Mostly, it’s just a great time to hang out and enjoy some warm soup on a cold day while visiting with colleagues that you don’t see as often as you should.
If soup isn’t your thing, you are welcome to sign up to bring a dessert or some kind of soup-sopping bread
The sign up sheet will be available in the staff room. 😊


Serving FMS Families:  Equity/Access ILT

A huge shout out to the Equity/Access ILT and all of the staff that supported their cause through donations.  As a result, 20 of our Frontier families were blessed with baskets to compile traditional Thanksgiving meals.  You are all continually making positive differences in the lives of our students and families.  Thank you so much!


Monday Motivation:  Empathy vs. Sympathy

We will bookend this week’s blog with another look at our students…particularly, the importance of empathy vs. sympathy.  In August, I shared how I feel about connection and how that is one of the most important things we can be/do for kids…even when they seemingly push us to the brink.  Because we are educators and we focus so much on growth, it seems as though we always feel the need to fix things.  As the video below from Brene Brown shows, however, sometimes the response is not as important as the connection.  Remember, kids don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  I am so thankful for our staff — you all truly care and work incredibly hard with students.  It’s hard work to pour your heart and soul into something that doesn’t always show us the progress we know kids need.  Know that we are aware of this and are thankful for all that you do:




Week of 11/13 – 11/17

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 11/13 Volleyball @ FMS vs. Shahala (7th) – 3:30
Tuesday, 11/14 Safety Meeting – Marshall’s Office

District Bond Presentation – 2:45 Media Center

Wrestling @ FMS vs. Pacific – 3:30

Wednesday, 11/15 Staff Photo – After school (12:20) – Large Gym

Early Release – Professional Development – 12:35 in Media Center

Thursday, 11/16 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Volleyball @ FMS vs. Pacific (8th) – 3:30

Friday, 11/17 College Gear

Week in Review

  • On Tuesday, staff met with James Cantonwine to talk about I-Ready, the district’s new diagnostic assessment platform for reading and math.  As expected, we learned quite a bit around the depth and breadth of this program.  As we continue to know more, we will begin thinking of ways that we can use I-Ready to best meet the needs of students at Frontier.  Thanks to all those who attended.
  • On Thursday, Frontier held another incredible Veterans Day Assembly.  A shout out to our wonderful performing arts teachers/students who really add depth to this special event.  Thank you to all of our staff that have served (and/or continue to serve) our country.  A special shout out to admin intern/teacher – Zach Dillon – for organizing and executing our assembly!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


District Bond Meeting

A reminder to all staff.  On Tuesday at 2:45, Bill Oman will be meeting with staff after school to provide information about the upcoming district bond.  The meeting should only last 15-20 minutes.  Please plan on attending.  Once again, this is for all staff.  The meeting will be held in the Media Center.


A Message from the Equity/Access ILT


The Equity/Access ILT is seeking donations to assembly Holiday Meal Boxes for our Frontier families in need.  In order to gather the appropriate items, they have created a survey for you to take, indicating interest.

Please take the survey (linked here) in order to indicate where you can help.


Upcoming Meeting Dates

There have been some questions around upcoming meeting dates regarding ILT/ER, etc.  Below are the upcoming dates as we head into the holiday season!

11/15 – Early Release PD
12/13 – ILT
12/20 – Early Release/ILT Shareout

ILT shareout will run in a similar fashion to last year.  We will spend time “around the fire” connecting with staff before the holiday break and share updates about where we are in the midst of our Action Plans.  We are aware that we’ve only had a few meetings, so please make the most of our next ILT meeting as prep (12/13).


Helping Hand Award

“Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others.” Pablo

I would like to recognize Julie Wolfe for all that she does to support the staff, students, and parents of Frontier Middle School. Julie is masterful in her interactions with students, supporting each of them in changing poor decision making into successful interactions. She is always there to support students in need, has developed strong relationships that are caring and supportive, and consistently goes beyond the expectations of her job to make sure that families and staff are informed and have clear understanding about what has happened and how we are supporting every child to be their best. It is because of the amazing work that Julie does that we are able to focus on helping students to learn first and always feel safe.



Key to Success Award

“It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.”

I would like to recognize Donna Degrenier for all of the work she does to support myself and many others here in the office.  Among many things, Donna was a critical component of our LIFT 1:1 Deployment.  As a Skyward Jedi Master, Donna created processing lists to help communicate with our families who had not yet returned paperwork.  Speaking of paperwork, Donna had 800+ stacks of paper to sort through, daily, while we determined who was/was not eligible to receive a Chromebook.  Now that I am seeing other schools go through this process, I am ever-so-grateful for how Donna – and many others – supported us during this time.

Thank you, Donna, for being so key to our success!



Motivational Monday!


~ Lesley

Staff Photo!

It’s time for the Staff Photo!

Please wear Frontier gear on Wednesday, November 15 and meet in the gym – after school at 12:15 – for our annual staff photo.  Due to feedback, we shifted the time to after school.  Please plan to be there!

Giving Thanks!

As you head into next week’s well-deserved holiday, I want to give thanks to all of you.  I have always believed it’s not where you work, but who you work with.  I am incredibly thankful to work with such a caring, dedicated group of people.  We hold the rope, we stay connected, and we work collaboratively to meet the needs of our students.

This job is hard.  What I see when I’m at school each day is a group of adults who work tirelessly to pursue excellence.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!





Week of 11/6 – 11/9


Some Daylight Savings humor to start your week …

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 11/6 I-Ready Informational Meeting – After School in Media Center

Volleyball @ FMS vs. Wy’East (7th) – 3:30

Tuesday, 11/7 Wrestling @ FMS vs. Liberty – 3:30
Wednesday, 11/8 Humanities Walkthroughs – Mike Espinosa and Ryan Theodoriches (8:00 – 11:00)

ILT Workgroups – After School

Band Concert @ 7:00 – Large Gym

Thursday, 11/9 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Veterans Day Assembly @ 8:45 – Student Center

Volleyball @ FMS vs. Skyridge (8th) – 3:30

Friday, 11/`0 NO SCHOOL – Veterans Day Observed


Veterans Day Assembly

Thursday morning we will be holding our Veteran’s Day Ceremony in the student center at 8:45. 

Please review the assembly schedule (Thursday’s schedule is below) for the day. We will be calling down classes by grade level beginning at 8:40 and would like you to remind your students to leave all belongings in the classroom. Please lead your class into the student center so that you can help usher them to their seats.


We will be reviewing protocols for the ceremony with students during lunch on Monday and providing them with invitations for family members to attend.

Please contact Zach Dillon (admin intern) if you have any questions or concerns.


I-Ready Assessment Meeting

This year, Evergreen Public Schools selected I-Ready as the common assessment measurement tool for reading and math.  As many of us have experienced, it has taken some getting used to.  Questions remain about how best to use I-Ready and interpret the data.

Thanks to Kristie Neshyba, James Cantonwine (Director of Assessment) will be at Frontier on Tuesday, Nov. 7, from 2:30-3:30 (Media Center) to listen to our I-Ready questions and the needs we have as we move forward.

James likely can support us with some of our needs, but he will also schedule a trainer to work with us if that best meets our needs.

Please attend this meeting to learn more about I-Ready!

Sunshine Committee Reminder!

Please remember to pay your Sunshine dues — envelopes were placed in your mailbox last week.  These dues pay to bring some sunshine into our lives.  We help staff, we congratulate them, we hold the rope when major life events arise, and we use the money to celebrate, too (end of year staff luncheon), etc.

Also, please complete our Sunshine Survey in order to gauge interest in our various events!  Click here to take the survey.

The Sunshine Committee would also like to recognize our November Birthdays!

Happy November Birthdays


Nov. 4  Griffin Peyton

Nov. 4  Kristie Brookes

Nov. 9  Zach Dillon

Nov. 10 Tracy Rupprecht

Nov. 12 Stacey Bellas-Bentley

Nov. 30 Eva Bourke-Higashi

Nov. 30 Judy Gordon


Motivational Monday!

Thank you to all those who are out greeting students in the hallways – not only does it build community, but it’s a great way to gather information.  It reminds of this article, which talks about questions principals should be asking in the hallway.  I think we can all ask these questions, though.  For now, enjoy your Monday with the video below:


Week of 10/30 – 11/3

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 10/30 PINK OUT!

Volleyball @ FMS vs. Cascade (8th) – 3:30

Tuesday, 10/31 Happy Halloween!
Wednesday, 11/1 ILT Workgroups – Groups please decide on a meeting location and email me with this location

Health Screening Day

Wrestling @ Covington – 3:30

Thursday, 11/2 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Volleyball @ FMS vs. Covington (7th) – 3:30

Friday, 11/3 Frontier Gear

Bill Oman (Dir. Secondary Ed) Visit – 9:00 – 10:00

Week in Review!

  • On Monday and Tuesday, Residency Lab teachers and instructional coaches hosted Frontier’s first Residency Lab.  This work is a continuation of our work with Sam Bennett last year.  This session’s first two hosts – Dustin Allen and Kristie Brookes – shared their classroom space as we thought about Workshop planning, instructional practices, and implications for our own practice.
  • On Thursday, the ASB Council held its first Social of the year.  Congrats to the kids for their planning and hard work.  A special shout out to our staff members that were helping out!


Welcome to Our New Sunshine Committee!


The Sunshine committee is back and is led of the following individuals – Kristie Neshyba, Tracy Rupprecht, Andrew Lovin and Jennifer Ferguson.

For those new to the building or those needing a reminder, the Sunshine Committee brings sunshine and happiness into the workplace for a variety of reasons – they provide gifts and cards to members of our “Frontier Family” when they’re facing some of life’s challenges as well as celebrating milestones such as births, retirement and weddings.  Sunshine also pays for some of the staff lunches during the year and organizes social events.  Contributions from staff are the only way to make this possible.  Last week, envelopes were placed in mailboxes soliciting your contribution.  Please return your contribution to Jennifer Ferguson to ensure that our Sunshine keeps shining!

The Sunshine Committee would also like to use the blog to note upcoming birthdays.  We are a bit late to the game on this, but want to recognize the past two months as a nod to our wonderful staff!

September – October Birthdays – (catching up)

Haley Gibson 9-2

Brie Gardner 9-4

Randy Bergstrom 9-6

Keiko Twiss 9-22

October Birthdays

Laurilyn Hepler 10-14

Cori Gerken 10-16

Angie Lantagne 10-18

Vicki Curtis 10-19

Anna Marchuk 10-26

Finally, the Sunshine Committee will be sending out a survey for all staff to complete, which will help inform the committee of areas of interest.  This will be a Google form.  Be on the lookout and PLEASE COMPLETE IT!

Wednesday ILT Workgroups

Just a reminder, our 2nd ILT Workgroup meeting will be held Wednesday.  As a group, please identify where you will be meeting.  Please have a rep email Griffin with your meeting location.  Thank you!


Monday Motivation

Teachers – here is a video that is both in honor of the NBA season starting and my love for Kid Snippets.  In truth, the message is simple but true – believe in yourself!