Week of 5/15 – 5/19


Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 5/15 Evergreen Art Show – 6:45 @ Cascade Park Community Library
Tuesday, 5/16 HHS Athletics visits – 8th grade lunch

Track vs. Liberty @ FMS – 3:30

Wednesday, 5/17  Early Release – Professional Development – 12:45 in Media Center
Thursday, 5/18 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Pioneer Multicultural Night @ FMS –  4:00 – 7:00

Friday, 5/19


Saturday, 5/20

Frontier Gear!


Hazel Dell Parade – 10:30 AM

Early Release – Wednesday 5/17

On Wednesday, 5/17, we will have our final ER PD day for the year; our plan is to spend some time reflecting on our growth this year, consider some goals for next year, and then provide time for Common Assessment scoring.

Working harder, getting smarter

On Thursday and Friday, instructional coaches from throughout the district had the opportunity to watch Sam Bennett work with PLCs to dig into personalized learning via routines, rituals, systems and structures; the group explored the idea of building social capital for the benefit of collaboration, learning, and student engagement.

The big shout out, however, goes to our 7th grade Humanities PLC comprised of Dustin Allen, Laurilyn Hepler, Kim Souchex and Kristie Neshyba as they served as a fishbowl model for the group.  Outstanding new learning arose, resulting in a group that is hungry to push forward this year and beyond.  Thank you all!


Dustin, Laurilyn, Kim, Kristie and Sam Bennett amidst a sea of observers…

Admin Visits with Students/Classes


As the year winds, down, it is becoming evident that students are battling an array of distractions that are proving to be obstacles to the learning environment.  As a result, Marshall, Ebony and myself will be visiting classrooms to remind students of our expectations, as well as talk about other hot-button issues such as spinners, slime, cell phones, and harassment.

We are currently rearranging our schedules in order to connect with all students.  Due to the testing schedule impacting Math/Humanities, we will be visiting all science classrooms.  Visits won’t exceed 10 minutes.  Additionally, we will be sending out our talking points re: expectations for you to reference, if need be.

We hear you and want to support you and your classrooms; we will develop a plan to ensure that these expectations are in effect as we finish out the year.


Reminder: SafeSchools Training; Internet Users Agreement Trainings Must Be Complete

Just a reminder that any staff that has not completed their SafeSchools training and/or the Acceptable Use Agreement must do so using the 3.0 hours of WAC time that is remaining after the calendar was adjusted in February.  Most of you who still need to complete these trainings have been notified via email; we will also reach out to you as a reminder.


8th Grade Party Details

Just a reminder: due to a change in our 8th grade party this year (no Oaks Park), we will instead be hosting the party here at Frontier.  Details are below.  The party will extend for an hour or two after school.  If any teachers want to celebrate with some of your former students, please feel free to come by!  🙂

When: Thursday, June 15th

What: 8th grade students will have an adjusted schedule where they will attend their 3 core classes:
  • Core 1: 8:00-9:17
  • Core 2: 9:22-10:39
  • Core 3: 10:44 – 12:00
After attending Core 3, students will have a BBQ lunch together from 12:05 – 12:35
From 12:35 – 4:00/4:10 students will partake in the festivities – these festivities will occur primarily in the large/small gym.  Some activities (weather-permitting) will take place outside of the gym.  These areas will be flagged off for the party.  Students may choose to leave once school is out, or they may stay and ride the activity bus home.

Week of 5/8 – 5/12

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 5/8 Teacher Appreciation Week

Parent Group Meeting @ 9:30

Tuesday, 5/9 Teacher Appreciation Week

Track @ Pacific MS – 3:30

Wednesday, 5/10 Teacher Appreciation Week

School Nurse Day

Core Instruction ILT – After School

Thursday, 5/11 Teacher Appreciation Week

BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Sam Bennett Lab (All Day) – Media Center

Track vs. Shahala @ Frontier – 3:30

Friday, 5/12 Teacher Appreciation Week

Pep Assembly

Sam Bennett Lab (All Day) – Media Center

College Gear!



Teachers!  This week is in recognition for everything that you do to support our students!  We are moving at a breakneck pace right now, and to add SBAC, Thunderstorms, dress code violations, the kitchen sink, etc couldn’t make now a better time to stop and recognize your significance.  In your honor, we have the following planned for this week:

  • Monday: Ice Cream Sundaes/Banana Splits during lunches/Admin and Counselors
  • Tuesday: Parent Group Lunch
  • Wednesday: Snack Cart/Secretary and Security
  • Thursday: Breakfast/Social Committee: ASB Mailbox surprise
  • Friday: Honor Society mailbox surprise/Leadership mailbox surprise

I am so fortunate to work at a place full of such wonderful, talented, caring individuals.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


Wednesday, 5/10 is School Nurse Day!  We are so fortunate to have Kara Killorin here to support our students.  The spring is a great time to honor our school nurses, as our students get especially rambunctious.  Lots of skinned knees, bonked heads, and bloody noses in the office.  Thank you, Kara, for all that you do!


With warm = dress code concerns

As many of us noticed last week, the warm weather brought forth some questionable attire from our students.  Marshall sent out a reminder of our dress code policy earlier in the week.  I am attaching it here for your review.  Let us know how we can help!

Dress Code Procedure


“Frontier goes on vacation!”

Monday: Disneyland

Tuesday: Hawaii

Wednesday: Rodeo

Thursday: International (Mexico, Italy, Greece, any place in the world!)

Friday: Color Wars: 6th grey/silver, 7th white, 8th blue

Week of 5/1 – 5/5

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 5/1  

SBAC Testing Begins!

Tuesday, 5/2 Track @ Pacific MS – 3:30
Wednesday, 5/3 ILT Workgroups – After School
Thursday, 5/4 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Classified Meeting – Media Center @ 9:30 & 1:30

Track vs. Shahala @ Frontier – 3:30

Friday, 5/5 College Gear!

SBAC Begins!



Today marks the beginning of our SBAC assessment period.  During the month of May, multiple classrooms will be taking this test.  Please be advised by information present in Marshall’s email.  Details are below:

Good Morning Frontier, 
Today we begin our testing. I would like to thank Donna DeGrenier, Angie Lantagne, Pam McLaughlin for helping to support us all as we get things started. 
Following are a few things to help the process run smoothly:
Link to the WCAP Portal: http://wa.portal.airast.org/
  • Tabs to review
    1. Assessment Schedule
    2. Refusal List – Students whose parents have decided to refuse testing are listed here (If not on the list they need to begin testing. If they are holding a letter signed by their parent send them to the office)
    3. 5/1 Small Groups – This lists the locations of any student who will be testing outside of your classroom. Please send students to the room noted with the following items:
      • Test Ticket
      • Computer
      • Headphones
Students who refuse to test
On Monday morning if a student tells you that they don’t have to test, check the Refusal List (2nd tab in the 2017 Assessment Schedule). If listed, please send them to the office and they will be given a Test Refusal Pass for the remainder of the testing window. Every day the student will come to you for attendance then you can release them to go to the library where they are expected to work independently. If a student does not have a pass, they are to stay in your class and test. If they feel there is a mistake, please call X3210 before sending them to the activities office.
If you need technical assistance
Please call X3210 if you need help, Pam or Donna will radio Angie or Marshall to come to your room to resolve the problem.
Missing Test Tickets
Please look to the Student Lookup tab when in the WCAP. If you’re having any difficulties call X3210 and we will create one for your, or simply give you the student’s SSID# over the phone. If you have a ticket for a student who has withdrawn, please return it to Donna. She will modify your ticket count on the sign out sheet and shred the ticket. 
 Separate Setting Testing
If any of your students have been identified as needing a separate setting for testing, please give them their test ticket, computer, and headphones before they go to their designated testing room. Students will return before the end of the period to return all items.
Do Not Disturb Signs
If you are a 6th or 7th grade Humanities or an 8th grade Math teacher, there is a red do not disturb sign in your mail box. Please post it on your door during testing.


ILT – Remaining Dates

Just a reminder that we have just two more ILT meetings before our June share out. More specifically, the following details are remaining sessions:

ILT Workgroups:  May 3rd, May 24th –> ILT Share-out: June 7th
ILT Core Instruction:  May 10th, May 24th –> ILT Share-out: June 7th

The week in photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thank you, Summit View Church!

On Sunday, Summit View Church and many of its members arrived at Frontier to provide a day of service.  They spent 5 hours cleaning the grounds, picking up trash, washing windows, weeding, and cleaning out the green house/garden area.  We are so grateful for their time and effort.  Thanks to Michele Robertson for connecting with Summit View to arrange for this day.

Week of 4/24 – 4/28

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 4/24 School Secretary Week!


Tuesday, 4/25 Student Awards – 6/7th – 830 – 930; 8th 130 – 215

Track Meet @ Skyridge – 3:45

Wednesday, 4/26 Early Release / PD @ 12:45 – Media Center
Thursday, 4/27 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37


Take Your Child To Work Day

Friday, 4/28 Frontier Gear!

NJHS Movie Night – Mulan – 6-7:30 in Student Center

Thank you, Secretaries!

This week is School Secretary week.  We are so indebted to our wonderful office staff for all that they do to make Frontier an amazing place to be!  Please take a moment this week to express your gratitude to the following outstanding individuals!  Debi Cowan, Janet Janson, Suzanne Borchers, Kim Barkow and Donna DeGrenier.  


Movie Night!

Frontier will be hosting a movie night this Friday at 6:00 PM in the student center.  The event is sponsored by National Junior Honor Society.  The movie is free to all staff and students, but a donation to the pantry is both welcome and appreciated!  The Parent Group will be selling concessions, so bring your $$$ for treats!


Week of 3/27 – 3/31

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 3/27 New Trimester Begins

Track Season Begins

Tuesday, 3/28 N/A
Wednesday, 3/29 All Staff: Restorative Practices meeting – 3:00 in Media Center
Thursday, 3/30 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Superintendent Classroom Visits

Future Silverback Orchestra Concert  in the Student Center @ 7:00 pm

Friday, 3/31 Report cards go home

Frontier Gear!

Last Week in Silverback Territory:

On Thursday, the Frontier Drama Department hosted their second – and final – production of Rapunzel in front of a packed house!


Mr. Butenschoen addressing the audience prior to the start of the show.


The cast basking in the crowd’s appreciation!

Also on Thursday, the Frontier Band put together several outstanding musical performances; this year, our band has received superior ratings at both festivals that they attended this year!  We’re very proud of them!

On Friday, the 8th grade boys basketball team competed in the championship bracket of the Greater St. Helens League Middle School League basketball tournament, taking 3rd.


Final (Final) Call – Staff Questionnaire!

Just a reminder to complete the Staff Questionnaire that I sent out a couple of weeks ago.  We are gathering input from all of you while we build the master schedule.  As always, we will do the best we can to accommodate requests while still tending to the needs dictated by the schedule.  There is also an opportunity to voice some requests you have for various opportunities (leadership, higher education, certification, coaching, clubs, and more).

Click here to access the form.  Please be sure this is completed by March 31st.

Week of 3/20 – 3/24


I hope you had a chance to enjoy the sunshine yesterday…I fear that we may be reverting back to the scene above as the week progresses.  

Key Dates

*Since the weeks leading up to Spring Break tend to fly, I am providing key dates for the next two weeks.

Date Event
Monday, 3/12 First Day of Spring!
Tuesday, 3/21 Boys Basketball vs. Cascade (@FMS – 3:30)

Frontier Drama Presents: Rapunzel
7:00 PM – Student Center

Wednesday, 3/22 ILT Workgroups – After School
Thursday, 3/23 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Boys Basketball vs. Cov (@Cov- 3:30)

Frontier Drama Presents: Rapunzel
7:00 PM – Student Center

Friday, 3/24


Early Release – End of Trimester

College Gear!

Date Event
Monday, 3/27 New Trimester Begins

Track Season Begins

Tuesday, 3/28 N/A
Wednesday, 3/29 All Staff: Restorative Practices meeting – 3:00 in Media Center
Thursday, 3/30 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Superintendent Classroom Visits

Friday, 3/31 Report cards go home

Frontier Gear!

MakerSpace Madness

Thanks to Mrs. McSheehy and Mrs. Burgoyne, the MakerSpace arena is really up and running now.  If you have an opportunity to see what the students are up to, check in during one of the lunch hours or after school on Mondays.  Below are just some of the great things that are happening!


The MakerSpace sign (crafted by our own Todd Elgin) surrounded by posters designed to evoke the maker spirit!


Students stacking up Keva planks to build the highest tower (by grade level)


This student learned how to sew and crafted this enormous pillow!

Staff Shares

Below are some resources that were recently shared by staff.

This video was shared by one of our staff members – as a self-proclaimed metaphor junkie, I love the symbolism in The Blueberry Story.  It also serves as a great reminder regarding the complexity of our jobs and working with our students.  The video is about 6 minutes and the  metaphor comes at the end…please don’t judge Mr. Vollmer by his cream suit.  🙂

Another resource shared by a staff member is this article on the importance of compassion.  As we continue thinking about equity and access in Evergreen, it’s always helpful to read a variety of perspectives and resources on the matter.   This article is written from the experience of an educator that his recognized the shifts in their practice.

Finally, while it is highly unlikely that you have not already seen the Rita Pierson “Every Kid Needs a Champion” video, it still holds up after all those views.  Once again, this highlights the importance of relationships and compassion when working with our various students.  Thank you, Rita!!!

Final Call – Staff Questionnaire!

Just a reminder to complete the Staff Questionnaire that I sent out a couple of weeks ago.  We are gathering input from all of you while we build the master schedule.  As always, we will do the best we can to accommodate requests while still tending to the needs dictated by the schedule.  There is also an opportunity to voice some requests you have for various opportunities (leadership, higher education, certification, coaching, clubs, and more).

Click here to access the form.  Please be sure this is completed by March 31st.



Week of 3/13 – 3/17


Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 3/13 Parent Group Meeting – 9:30 Conference Room

Workshop – Theory into Practice Meeting – after school in Room 33

Classified Employee Week (all week)

Tuesday, 3/14 Boys Basketball vs. Liberty (@FMS – 3:30)

Choir Concert @ 7:00 PM – Student Center

Wednesday, 3/15 Early Release – PD — After School in Student Center
Thursday, 3/16 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Boys Basketball vs. Wye (@FMS – 3:30)

Friday, 3/17 Frontier Gear!

Thank you, Classified Employees!

This week marks Classified Employee appreciation week.  As many of you know, our classified employees are an important part of our Frontier family.  These individuals encompass a wide range of student supports.  Quite simply, a school cannot function without the hard work and dedication of this wonderful group.  Please take a moment to thank your classified employees this week for all that they do!

And a note to our classified peeps, there will be a few dedicated thank you’s this week to show our appreciation, starting with breakfast Monday morning.

Thank you

We’ve Got Headphones!


In preparation for the SBA we have purchased another 200 headsets for testing. All headphones that have been purchased are for assessment, however we are happy for them to be used. We will be placing a set of 15 with every classroom cart and also have them available to check out when you reserve a cart. In order to begin this process please do the following:

  1. Collect any headphones that you have in your room and return to room 34.
  2. Remind your students that we prefer that they bring their own from home to use in class.
  3. Be patient, we will deliver as soon as we can account for our existing sets.
Finally, these headphones must be kept safe and accounted for. Use them, and return headsets to Angie if they stop working so we can replace.

Technology Check-out Procedures

Just a reminder about technology check-out procedures.  As we draw nearer to technology availability increasing, this circumstance will become less problematic.  In the interim, however, please be respectful of the process and be sure to return your cart to room 34 at the end of the day.  We have had instances where carts could not be located because the process was not followed and we cannot allow this to happen any more.
To view the check-out procedures, please click here.

Week of 3/6 – 3/10

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 3/6 Knowledge Bowl @ FMS – 3:30
Tuesday, 3/7 Safety Mtg – Marshall’s Office

Boys Basketball vs. Shahala – 3:30

Wednesday, 3/8 HS Counselor Visits/8th Forecasting (Math classrooms)

Core Instruction ILT – After School Rm 37

Thursday, 3/9 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

HS Counselor Visits/8th Forecasting (Math classrooms)

Boys Basketball @ Pacific – 3:30

Friday, 3/10 College Gear!

Forecasting Information

As we mentioned last Wednesday, February is over (whew!).  Believe it or not, we are already thinking about next year.  As such, forecasting for 2017-2018 is under way and you will be noticing some activity as a result.  Click the screen caps below for a detailed list of dates relative to 2017-2018 Forecasting:

Teacher Questionnaire

Just a reminder to please complete the Teacher Questionnaire via Google Forms.  I sent this out via email last week.  The questionnaire will help us understand your preferences/aspirations for the future and help us in making decisions about the master schedule, the possibility of coaching/club advising opportunities, and more.

If you have not completed the questionnaire, click here to access it.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Shout Outs!!!!!

Shout out to Michele Robertson for 1) applying for/receiving grant money and 2) for orchestrating another outstanding Read Across America event.  Students, teachers, families, and John Deeder were all in attendance to support the love of reading with one another.  

Shout out to our ASB Leadership and all of our outstanding student/staff for holding the rope and restocking Frontier’s pantry.  We continue to find ways to give back to our families in need while teaching students the importance of service.  Way to go, Silverbacks!


Shout out to our fabulous counselors, Heather and Lesley, for hosting our incoming 5th grade parents and describing the middle school scheduling/forecasting process!


Week of 2/21 – 2/24

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 2/20 No School
Tuesday, 2/21 Girls Basketball vs. Wy’East @ FMS – 3:30
Wednesday, 2/22 Girls Basketball vs. Cascade @ FMS – 3:30

Rapid Responder Training (all staff) – after school in the Media Center

Thursday, 2/23 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Early Release – Parent Conferences

Conferences in the Round – 5:00 – 7:00

Friday, 2/124 Early Release – Parent Conferences

College Gear!

Rapid Responder Training!  🙂

On Wednesday, Director of Safety and Security – Shane Gardner – will lead us through a Rapid Responder training.

Many of us were able to experience the power of this little program on Thursday, when we had some accidental button-pushing activate live incidents.  In the fashion that it was designed, district personnel – and all personnel with the app installed – were notified of said incident.  So … the good news it that it works!


Fear not, however, as accidental button pushes are common when you first go into the app (I am raising my hand).  Shane will help us understand how to use it, as well as help us install it on our mobile devices should we choose to (I recommend it).

We will meet after school in the media center for this training.  All staff are required to attend.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thank you!


KTS and HH Award:

I am late in recognizing a couple of staff members who have been honored by their peers for their contributions towards making Frontier an amazing place to be.  Please read below to hear their awesomeness:

Key to Success (From Melina Dyer to Bob Kenck):

It’s my turn to pass on the Key to our Success Award. I’m giving it to someone who works tirelessly in the interest of all of us. The past few mornings as our building has had heat issues, he spent hours checking in on colleagues and working with staff and admin to ensure that kids and adults had a comfortable place to work and learn. He readily shares anything–from unit plans to his pickup truck to snacks and coffee–and goes the extra mile to help anyone who needs it. His work with EEA directly supports every teacher here.  ~ Melina

Thank you, Bob Kenck, for all you do every day!

Helping Hand (From Angie Lantagne to Julie Wolfe)

I think it’s time for me to hand off my great honor-the helping hand award!  In a building full of amazing people there is one standout for me-Super Security Julie Wolfe.  She is one of the hardest working ladies I know.  The students respect her, look up to her and respond to her because she treats them with kindness, respect and holds them to a high standard of behavior.  For staff, she just makes all of our lives easier and is never without her smile and positive attitude.   Thanks for all you do Julie for everyone at Frontier!  ~ Angie

Thank you, Julie, for all that you do to help make Frontier a great place for all!

Conferences This Week!

Just a reminder that we will be holding our parent-teacher conferences this week.  Please, please, please update the conference log with anyone you are conferencing with.  This is particularly helpful for newer staff so they do not double-book someone.

As a reminder:

Thursday, February 23rd (Early Release)

  • When: 12:30 – 3:00
  • Where: Room Locations (by Grade level) TBA
  • Who: All D/F students; students struggling for academic/behavioral purposes; any student at risk
Conferences in the Round
  • When: 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Where: Large Gym
  • Who: All D/F students; students struggling for academic/behavioral purposes; any student at risk; other parents who can show up at this time

Conference Spreadsheet – Click Here

Shout Outs

On Wednesday of last week, our 8th grade students met with a series of professionals from our local community through our partnership with nConnect.  Our 8th grade students were well-mannered and asked excellent questions of our panelists.  Big thanks to Anna Marchuk for organizing this event, Heather and Lesley for some pre/post work, and of course, our wonderful 8th grade teachers for being so flexible.


Future Silverbacks!

On Friday, our Future Silverbacks filled our halls, classrooms, student center and gymnasium.  After watching our talented musicians perform in the student center, 5th graders were led by ASB/Leadership students where they saw a sneak peak of some classrooms, gathered the lay of the land, and ended with some time to learn about middle school life from current students.  Thank you to everyone that stepped up to make our newcomers feel so welcome!  Students showed their future Frontier pride with the Silverback Stomp below:




Week of 2/13 – 2/17

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 2/13 Reflective Friends Learning Walks (All Day)
Tuesday, 2/14 Reflective Friends Learning Walks (All Day)

nConnect Counselor visit (Math Classes) – 8th grade only

Wednesday, 2/15 Early Release – Staff PD (Media Center) – All Staff

nConnect Panel Presentations (Media Center) – 8:10 – 11:00

Girls Basketball vs. Liberty (@ FMS) – 3:30

Thursday, 2/16 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37 
Friday, 2/17 Snow Make-up Day

Frontier Gear!

The Last Gladiator!

A special shout out to the Frontier Drama Department for their consecutive night run of The Last Gladiator.  Both nights were filled with patrons as they witnessed our students create an amazing viewing experience with just five weeks of rehearsal time.  Not only did the production leave spectators impressed, but they also collected a great deal of canned goods for our pantry.  We are so proud of these students, and especially thankful to all staff that helped make this happen or found other ways to support the production.  And, finally, special thanks to our production team – CJ, Malori, and Esther Butenschoen – thanks again for creating another special event for our students, staff, and community!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

nConnect – This Week!

8th grade teachers only:

After a successful endeavor last year, we are continuing with our nConnect Community Panel in an effort to connect our students with outlying community members and expose them to career possibilities.  This email is to explain and outline the process.

Format: Presentation/Discussion

·         PART A:
o   All 8th grade students will be prepared for the panel presentation / discussion during their math classes (20-25 minutes – split between Anna, Lesley, Heather — maybe nConnect)
·         PART B:
o   All 8th grade students will attend a panel presentation / discussion with local professionals during science classes. (each starts 5 minutes after the bell rings)
·         PART C:
o   All 8th grade students will complete the short feedback survey andsign a thank you card for the panel guests.
·         PART A:
o   Preparation lesson – Tuesday, Feb. 14th in each math classes
·         PART B:
o   Panel presentation – Wednesday, Feb 15th during science classes (early release day)
§  Core 1 panel – 8:10 – 8:35
§  Core 2 panel – 9:00 – 9:45
§  Core 3 panel – 10:25 – 11:00
·         PART C:
o   Student survey – Thursday, Feb 16th during humanities classes

·         PART A:
o   Preparation will occur in math classes
o   Lesley, Heather, & Anna will come to the class to deliver the preparation lesson
·         PART B:
o   Panel presentations will be held in the library – after attendance completed in science classes
·         PART C:
o   Student surveys & thank you cards will be done in humanities classes.
o   Anna, Lesley and Heather will facilitate and provide necessary materials

Please see me with any questions you have.  Thanks!


Reminder: February Conferences!

Please see below regarding our upcoming parent-teacher conferences — this is from an email I sent on Friday:

Hello Silverbacks,

Believe it or not, the end of February and our second round of parent-teacher conferences are upon us.

At the bottom of this email, I will include the conference spreadsheet.  Here is the plan:

Thursday, February 23rd (Early Release)

  • When: 12:30 – 3:00
  • Where: Room Locations (by Grade level) TBA
  • Who: All D/F students; students struggling for academic/behavioral purposes; any student at risk
Conferences in the Round
  • When: 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Where: Large Gym
  • Who: All D/F students; students struggling for academic/behavioral purposes; any student at risk; other parents who can show up at this time
Friday, February 24th (Early Release)

  • Where: Room Locations (by Grade level) TBA
  • Who: All D/F students; students struggling for academic/behavioral purposes; any student at risk

Conference Spreadsheet – Click Here



Great News, with the pending delivery of our replacement technology we will be using a 1:1 model for online testing this year. This means that we will be able to compress our testing window to be completed in the month of May.

The schedule for 6th & 7th grade alternates ELA and Math tests opposite 8th grade. For those of you who do not have a cart in your classroom, you will be assigned one of the Chrome book carts for the days that you will be testing.

Here is the link to access the 2017 Assessment Schedule.

I will be sharing more specific information and the plan for practice tests in the next month. Please feel free to share any questions or concerns with me as we prepare for the Spring testing season.

~ Marshall

Welcoming Our Future Silverbacks!


Friday we are hosting all the 5th grade students from Pioneer, Sifton, and York for our annual Elementary Tour. As in years past they will have an opportunity to hear from our incredible musicians from 9:50 – 10:30. Following this the ASB and Leadership students will be introducing them to Frontier, talking about the great things they will experience in middle school, looking at a day in the life of a 6th grader, and taking a tour of our campus.

If you have a moment, stop by the student center or join one of the groups touring the campus to meet next year’s 6th grade.