Welcome Back! (Week 1)


Parents be like…

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 9/10 First Day of School!!!
Tuesday, 9/11 Google Classroom Support w/ Erin Pinning – After School in Media Center

Cross County @ Liberty MS – 3:30

Wednesday, 9/12 Faculty Meeting – after school in Media Center
Thursday, 9/13 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Google Classroom Support w/ Erin Pinning – After School in Media Center

8th Grade Football vs. Cascade (@ Frontier) – 3:30

Friday, 9/14 Frontier Gear!

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Kickoff!

Cross County vs. Skyridge MS  (@ Frontier) – 3:30


Start Me Up!

We only get one beginning of the year!  In an effort to be aligned around some of our building priorities this  year, we want you to be aware of and plan to support the following information as you kick off your year:

2018-2019 First Weeks Back – This document highlights important dates/information to be covered during our first week back.

2018-2019 Staff Need to Know – This document discusses important information staff should know, and includes a list of required staff meeting dates.

Frontier Staff SiteThis is a Frontier-specific site for building staff; we will continue to update this page with information specific to the building.  (If this isn’t working, let me know.  It is not public and only staff should have access to the information)


Rescheduling Questions?

Many of you are wondering about calendar adjustments.  This information will come from EPS.  A big question currently is around the iReady window.  We will be sure to seek clarity around this question, this week.  For now, we want you to focus on getting to know your learners and setting the tone for your classroom.  Stay tuned!


Google Classroom


As previously scheduled, Erin Pinning will be available on Tuesday and Thursday after school in the Media Center supporting any of you who have questions around Google Classroom.  As a reminder, we will be shifting from ItsLearning to Google Classroom in an effort to streamline what both students and parents experience – tech-wise – at Frontier.


Eyes on the Prize!

It’s been a while since we were all together.  After wrapping up some successful in-service days, I wanted us to remain mindful of our focus for 2018-2019.  We will reconnect on Wednesday, September 12th @ 2:45 to revisit, discuss PD structure for 2018-2019, and meet with evaluators.



Our First Character Strong Focus:  Commitment!



Next Monday (9/17), we will embark on our journey to positively impact character through the Character Strong program.  Please watch the video below to see what we’re after:

This will work if we are all in and support one another.  I know that we have been talking about the need to support our students in developing these character traits.  This will serve as a great opportunity to do so.  As a reminder, on Mondays we will run an assembly schedule in order to allow for Character Strong work – you can access the schedule here.  Likewise, we will send out the activity for this day ahead of time so it can be administered similarly for all students and leveraged by all staff.

Commitment is the first Character Strong focus for the month.  Commitment requires sacrifice and is probably something that our kids have different interpretations of.  What we know is that all of our students are committed in some capacity – soccer practice, Fortnite, instruments, fusing their cell phones to their hands, being a good sibling, making a difference, figuring out who they are, etc.  Use these interpretations as common ground to discuss the importance of this trait.  Commitment is a critical ingredient to school success as education is abuzz with concepts like growth mindset; mindset requires perseverance, grit, problem-solving, reflection, and – of course – commitment.  In total transparency, I wanted to flip the script on our first character trait foci and start with kindness, but A) John Norlin knows more about this than I do and B) starting with commitment makes a lot of sense, as it’s one of the more important – and more challenging – traits.

The commitment trait comes with several Character Dares (link) to challenge students – and staff – this month, but a great one to kick off the year is something we all do – learn ever students’ name.  Names matter, and knowing a student’s name shows that you are committed to them as a member of this school.

And as a reminder, if you need any evidence to see the power of commitment, look no further than Dancing Guy!



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