Week of 5/14 – 5/18

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 5/14 SBA Testing Begins
Tuesday, 5/15 Track vs. Shahala (@ Sha) 3:30
Wednesday, 5/16 Early Release (PLP Shareout) 12:30 in Media Center
Thursday, 5/17 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37
Friday, 5/18




Saturday, 5/19

College Gear!

Progress reports for Term 5 will be passed out Friday for students to carry home.
6th grade – 3rd period teachers
7th and 8th grade – 1st period teachers

Hazel Dell Parade of Bands


SBA Testing Begins

Teachers, SBA Testing begins this week, starting with Math.  Please remind students to be mindful of testing environments and to ensure that computers are charged and ready to go for testing.  Additionally, here are some notes from Marshall:

  1. Remind students that they should focus on doing their best on each test that they take.
  2. Please monitor and encourage all students to conserve battery power on their Chromebooks.
    • If your students do not have an educational need for the use of their Chromebook please have them put them away.
      • If you are able to defer use in non-testing classrooms, please do so.
    • If student devices are not fully charged, encourage students to charge them in your classroom when not in use.
  3. Remind students that they will need to bring their headphones and chargers for testingeach day.
    • Students who need earbuds will receive them in their testing rooms.
  4. Encourage students to refrain from disrupting testing environments during passing times.
  5. Please remember to have students silence cell phones, e-readers, and smart watches and place all their belongings in a location that is not accessible to them during testing.  Students may have a book under their chair to read when they complete the test.


Wednesday Early Release

Wednesday will mark our final ER PD for the year (not including our ER for grading/end of year).  This Wednesday, we will share out the work of our PLP (Personalized Learning Plans) for the year.  The plan for this Wednesay’s work can be found below:


  • Wednesday, May 16th Early Release
    • We will be providing some worktime at the beginning of Wednesday to prep for your shareout
    • We will arrange in groups of 3-4
    • Staff will have 10-15 minutes to share information about their PLP process/subsequent learning and impact on students
      • If you worked as part of a larger group, please be prepared to share your own experience with other staff
    • A PLP Reflection form was provided last month for those that would like to be ready to go on 5/16 – if you need to make a copy of this form, click here and you will be prompted to create your own copy.


Looking Ahead @ Upcoming Dates

As we look ahead to the year’s end, here are the remaining dates we have on the calendar:


5/14 – 5/18 – Math SBA

5/16 – Early Release PD (PLP Shareout)

5/21 – 5/25 – Humanities SBA

5/21 – 6/6 – iReady Spring assessment

5/29 – 6/1 – 8th Science Test

6/4 – Sundaes and Stories

6/6 – TBD

6/8 – Early Release (End of Trimester)

6/13 – 8th Grade Farewell Celebration

6/15 – Last Day of School




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