Week of 4/30 – 5/4


May 4th marks National Star Wars Day!!!!  May the 4th be with you!  And with all of my terrible Star Wars puns below!  🙂 

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 4/30 Safety Meeting – Marshall’s Office
Tuesday, 5/1 N/A
Wednesday, 5/2 ILT Workgroups (Final ILT Meeting Before Share-out)
Thursday, 5/3 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Sam Bennett Residency Lab (Day 1)

Track vs. Skyridge (@ FMS) 3:30

Friday, 5/4 Sam Bennett Residency Lab (Day 2)

National Star Wars Day!

College Gear!


Wednesday Early Release Recap!


  • We spent time talking about our May early release and sharing the work of our Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs) which will occur on Wednesday, May 16th


  • In an effort to prepare for what that shareout will look like, we shared the PLP Reflection Form (the link will require you to make a copy of the document).  This document is 2 pages.  The only page you need to be mindful of right now is the 2nd page, which includes some questions that will drive our shareout.
    • If you weren’t present for Wednesday’s early release, please look at the document so you have a sense of what we will be sharing on May 16th
  • The Building Leadership ILT shared some of their work around connecting with kids.  We shared the results of which students staff selected (students that we would like to feel more connected to), we shared some of the strategies we are using to connect with these kids, and then we spent time filling out postcards with some positive messages for these students (please don’t share the list of selected students with kids).  Debi will be mailing these postcards home.
    • Debi has extra postcards that you can pick up to fill out.  The basic parameters are:
      • Include the student’s first/last name (spelled correctly please)
      • Teacher’s name
      • A brief, positive message
        • Ex:  I wanted to take a minute and tell you how proud I am of your progress this year; thank you for working so hard and being so kind!
      • Hand in to Debi – she will mail


ILT Workgroups – this Wednesday, May 2nd!


This week marks the final ILT meeting before our May 9th Shareout.  As a reminder, we will be following a similar shareout as in year’s past.  For details, see below

To prep for our share-out, your group will want to discuss the following and be prepared to share among colleagues:

  *   Include your ILT Action Plan  – What were your goals to accomplish?

  *   Outline accomplishments

  *   Provide proposal for staff to consider (if this applies to your group/cause)

  *   Next steps / Recommendations to keep the work moving forward

We will be sharing in a similar fashion to the December share-out (grouped together to share/respond). If your group fancies a fancy way to present that information (a Slideshow, a Padlet, etc) feel free, just make sure that it can be accessible to your group during the share-out.  Posters don’t work unless they can be reproducible in some fashion.  In the past, groups have used brochures, one-pagers, padlets, Google slides, etc.


Sam Bennett Residency Visit – Thursday & Friday

This week, Frontier will host our final Sam Bennett residency lab for 2017-2018.  Sam and guests will be out and about as our two studio lab hosts – Laurilyn Hepler and Anna Sylvester welcome us into their classroom to observe students interact with the work.  We have been very fortunate to work with Sam this year.  The good news is that this work will expand into 2018-2019 with more opportunities for a greater number of staff to participate.

Thanks for all that you do!


Happy Birthday!!!  May birthdays!


12  Dustin Allen

13  Terri Kunkel

14  Pati Peterson

23  Tyler Smith

24  CJ Butenschoen

26  Andy Devereaux

29  Ebony McKenzie


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