Week of 2/19 – 2/23

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 2/19 No School 
Tuesday, 2/20 Boys Basketball vs. Covington @ Union HS

Girls Basketball vs. Covington @ 3:30

Wednesday, 2/21 Girls Basketball vs. Wy’East @ 3:30 7th @ FMS
Thursday, 2/22 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Early Release – Parent Teacher Conferences 12:30 – 3:00

Conferences in the Round – 5:00 – 7:00

Friday, 2/23 Early Release

nConnect (8th Science Classes)


Safety and Supporting One Another…

Last Wednesday, our country faced yet another tragedy in the form of the school shooting that occurred in Florida.  Situations like this bring out a host of emotions in both students and adults alike.  As always, it is important for us to take the concerns of all stakeholders – staff, students, families, and community members – very seriously.

Students:  As I mentioned in an email this past October, students respond to news like that of the incident at Stoneman Douglas High School in a variety of ways.  Some are inquisitive, some have enhanced fear/anxiety, some process information verbally and others appear unfazed. What is important is that we be mindful of their concerns and responsive to their needs.  There are several great resources available that describe how to support students in the face of tragic events.  Common practices include: remaining positive and empathetic, maintaining consistent routines, being available for students, watching for signs of fear, stress, and anxiety, and more.  While I wish we were starting our week off on a more positive note, I can’t think of a more responsive/caring group of adults to be available should the need arise.  As shared a couple of weeks back, here is a copy of our student service brochure.  Below are resources that can be utilized to support students as they process tragic news:

Staff:  We are the first line of support for our students, but it is equally important for us to support one another during times of difficulty.  As mentioned in the past, Employee Solutions offers support in the form of free counseling to any employee in the district.  This is a wonderful resource.  I just heard from a spokesperson via Employee Solutions two weeks ago.  They have worked hard to expand their service, offering later hours and extending sessions to Saturdays, as well.  If you need access to this information, please check in with any counselor or administrator.  We will continue to hold the rope for all those who need it – this is who we are and what we do.

Safety is an important component of what we do to support our students and families.  Over the years, we have added more components to keep schools within Evergreen safe – the installation of IP-based HD cameras that can be accessed off-site via the internet, clinical psychologists employed within the district, school resource officers from Vancouver Police at each high school, with direct connections to the feeder schools (our SRO is Bret Olson – VPD), continued upgrades to safety and security throughout the district, threat assessments conducted in partnership with community resources, etc.  As Director of Safety and Security Shane Gardner states, this is not an exhaustive list, but it continues to grow each day.  One of our most powerful preventative forces is building relationships with students – asking questions, saying “hello” and finding ways to interact, becoming a safe adult that students can access if needs should arise.  We’ve long made this a priority at Frontier and I am proud of the effort that you all put in each and every day.

Let us all keep the community of Parkland, Florida in our hearts as they navigate this terrible tragedy.

Thank you for all that you do to support our kids.


Parent Teacher Conferences


As mentioned a couple of weeks back, conferences are fast approaching.  Conference week is here!  Please be sure to connect with any student/family that is at risk academically (D/F grades) or is warranting any other need for a conference.  The spreadsheet to sign up for conferences can be located here.

Please reach out to families of students at risk of/currently failing – it is important that we don’t assume they know their student is struggling and/or will automatically attend Conferences in the Round.  If the student is failing, please arrange to conference with the family or ensure they are coming to CITR.

Conference Schedule this week

  • Conferences – Thursday from 12:30 – 3:00
  • Conferences in the Round – Thursday evening from 5:00 – 7:00

Upcoming Dates

  • 2/23 – nConnect Career Panel (8th Graders Only)
  • 2/27 – John Steach visit @ 9:00
  • 3/1 – 8th Grade High School Visits – Heritage, Union, HeLa
  • 3/5 – Incoming 5th Grade Forecasting Night – 5:30 – 6:30
  • 3/7 – 3/9 – Sam Bennett Residency Lab @ FMS
  • 3/14 – Superintendent Classroom Visits (w/ School Board members) 8:30 – 10:30


nConnect – 8th Grader Teachers Please Read


Last year’s nConnect Career Panel hosts…

Please see the email below from Chris Turner – Career and Guidance Counselor
On Friday 2/23/2018, 8th grade students will be participating in our annual nConnect Career Panel presentations.  These presentations have been very powerful in the past and provide students with some connections between their work with me in the Future Ready program.  Since this is an early release day, we will be on somewhat of a tight schedule so quick transitions between classes/sessions are essential.
The following is the schedule and the specific requests of you/your discipline:
Thursday (2/22) – Early Release Day
Math Teachers:
On this day, please show the Nconnect Prezi (a ten minute will be emailed this week) and have students list a minimum of one relevant question on a 3×5 card (this will be provided in your boxes).  Feel free to use the Prezi as you deem necessary.  The Prezi informs students of quality questions to ask the panel members and/or future employers.  Have the student to write their name on the card, collect them and then redistribute them to the students the day of the panel presentation.  There will be a Q&A time for students to use their questions for the panel members.  This should only take 10-15 minutes.
Friday (2/23)
Science Teachers:
Students will report to their respective classes in which teachers will be quickly check attendance then head immediately to library.  Students should take backpacks with them to the assembly as they will leave the assembly and proceed directly to their next class.  The panel presentation (including Q&A) will take up the entire class time and students will transition from the library to their next class.

Monday (2/26)

Humanities Teachers:
Students will complete an nConnect survey in their Humanities classes on Monday, 2/26.   The surveys will be in your boxes next week.  Please collect the completed forms and Chris Turner will collect them from you/your classrooms on the 26th.  This should only take 10 minutes!



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