Week of 12/11 – 12/15


Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 12/11 Illustrative Math Training (All Day) – Math PLCs
Tuesday, 12/12 Illustrative Math Debrief (All Day) – Math PLCs

District Volleyball Tournament

Orchestra Concert – Student Center @ 7:00

Wednesday, 12/13 ILT Meetings – After School
Thursday, 12/14 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Frontier Residency Lab

Friday, 12/15 Mike Espinosa & Ryan Theodoriches Humanities Classroom Visits – 9:00 – 11:00

7th Humanities Coffee House Share-out – Student Center

Frontier Gear!

Holiday Cheer!

Thanks to Andrew and Michele Lovin for hosting the Silverback holiday celebration this year.  They are wonderful hosts and created an awesome experience for staff.  What a great way to kick-start the holidays with some amazing people!  Thanks, again, Andrew, Michele, Sunshine, and everyone else who participated in making this event memorable!



Welcome our new Day Lead custodian – Richard Cox!

On Monday, ABM will be transitioning our new Day Lead custodian – Richard Cox.  Richard has over 16 years of experience with ABM, most recently working at Hearthwood Elementary School.

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we have waited for our new Day Lead to take the helm.  We look forward to working with Richard and having him join the Silverback family.  Hopefully we can introduce him more formally next Wednesday at our early release.   If you have the chance and get to introduce yourself, please do so and welcome Richard!


ILT Meeting – Wednesday!

As a reminder, we will hold our final ILT meeting before the 12/20 December ILT shareout.  Below is a calendar of the next 1.5 weeks:

12/13 – ILT (This is a required meeting)
12/20 – Early Release Day/ILT Shareout

ILT shareout will run in a similar fashion to last year.  We will spend time connecting with colleagues before the holiday break and share updates about where we are in the midst of our Action Plans.  We are aware that we’ve only had a few meetings, so please make the most of our next required ILT meeting as prep (12/13).


Safety Committee Notes

Safety Committee Meeting Notes

Please pay special attention to the following safety reminders:

Lockdown DrillDecember 11 @ 12:00

Please review and practice the following protocol with your students:

  1. Move all students into the nearest classroom and away from windows and doors.

  2. Lock the door.

  3. Close all window shades.

  4. Direct all students away from sight lines through windows.

  5. Do not open the door for any reason.

  6. Take attendance. Account for students in your room.

  7. Keep a written log of the situation in your room in 15 minute intervals and monitor email if possible.

  8. Consider Run, Hide, Fight depending on the situation.

  9. Wait for further instructions.

District Safety Information –

  • All Staff need to wear their Evergreen District Identification badge visibly. Ie… on a lanyard or pinned to your shirt while at school.

  • If you see a visitor or any adult without a badge, please do the following:

    • Make eye contact and assess the situation

    • Say hello and introduce yourself

    • Ask them if they are looking for the front office

    • Escort them to the front office


Frontier Residency Lab Work!

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Frontier Residency Lab teachers will be hosting visitors in their classrooms as we work to get smarter about our own individual practice.  A special shout-out to Mr. Butenschoen and Mrs. Gibson for opening their classrooms for our learning.\




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