Week of 11/27 – 12/1

Welcome Back!!!

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 11/27 Volleyball @ FMS vs. Liberty (7th) – 3:30
Tuesday, 11/28 Sam Bennett Residency Labs (all day)

Wrestling @ Cascade – 3:30

Wednesday, 11/29 Sam Bennett Residency Labs (all day)
Thursday, 11/30 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Sam Bennett Residency Labs (all day)

Volleyball @ FMS vs. Cascade (7th) – 3:30

Friday, 12/1 Frontier Gear!

Early Release – End of Tri

Soup Cook Off – After School in Rm 216


Welcome Back – Supporting Students (and staff) through December

Welcome back, everyone!  As many of us know, the “Holiday Stretch” (Thanksgiving through Winter Break) can be especially challenging for our students.  This can be due to unfavorable circumstances at home, lack of stability while not at school, or just cognitive misalignment with so many repeated breaks from school.

The PBIS ILT has been working on a couple of documents to support teachers during.  The first document is the Behavior Prevention Response flowchart.  This is a document that was created a couple of years ago as we transitioned into Behavior Prevention and Response and continues to be tweaked based as we learn and grow – essentially, this flowchart describes how we respond to student behaviors at the classroom and office level.

The second document is the Buddy Classroom Behavior Reflection Form.  The Buddy Classroom strategy is a prearranged classroom space (near a teacher’s classroom) where students who struggle to stop a behavior can go, reflect on their actions, and have time to decompress.  With Buddy Classrooms, it is important that we are consistent in our implementation.  Likewise, it is also important that the teacher reconnects with a student in the Buddy Classroom, as it is not just a place to put students who are misbehaving.

Behavior Prevention & Response Strategies

Buddy Classroom

We will discuss this information further as we head into the ILT shareout (12/20).


Important Dates – End of Tri/Grading

Below are some important dates courtesy of our amazing registrar, Suzanne Borchers:

  • Semester 1 ends December 1st
  • Grading opens December 1st and closes December 8th at 8:00 am for Semester 1.
  • Report cards mailed home by December 15th
  • Semester 2 schedules will be handed out Monday, December 4th during 1st period.


Literacy Grant – Read with Me (IQCU)

See below for a Literacy Grant opportunity from IQ Credit Union.  The deadline for applications is December 15th!

Literacy Grants (Grades 6 – 12)
If you are a middle or high school teacher and have an idea that promotes the love of reading to your students, we now have Literacy Grants available to support those ideas. These grants can be used to fund classroom enrichment, school supplies, or anything else related to your reading programs.

Apply for the grant here –>  IQCU Grant


Sam Bennett Residency Lab Work

This week (Tuesday – Thursday), admin, coaches, and Residency Lab teachers will be facilitating studio classroom observations.  This work supports our continued efforts to refine workshop planning practices (long-term unit design) as well as our daily implementation of workshop routines, rituals, structures and systems.

If you see people milling about the building, this is why.  Thank you!  🙂


Soup Cook-Off!!!

Just a reminder that Frontier’s annual Soup Cook-Off is scheduled for this Friday, December 1st!  As stated in Wednesday’s meeting, it is time for some new blood to claim the golden ladle!  See Tracy Rupprecht’s email below for the appropriate wordsmithing that this event deserves:

Fellow Silverbacks,
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Time to heat up your crock pots and polish your ladles!! The Annual Frontier Soup Cook-off is on!! Bring your favorite soup to share with your grateful and famished colleagues! Demonstrate your culinary prowess and bask in the warm accolades that ensue from your domestic endeavors! Let us delight in your soup, stew, or bisque! Astound us with your hearty potato chowder, beef broth or veggie stock!! Don’t hold back! We await your favorite family recipe, trade secret, or newest creation!
Your pride and joy will be shared on Friday, December 1st (early release day), after the little cherubs have returned to their nests. There will be voting for the best entry, and the winner will receive a MAJOR AWARD!!! All entries will receive the appropriate level of admiration and appreciation for their efforts!
Mostly, it’s just a great time to hang out and enjoy some warm soup on a cold day while visiting with colleagues that you don’t see as often as you should.
If soup isn’t your thing, you are welcome to sign up to bring a dessert or some kind of soup-sopping bread
The sign up sheet will be available in the staff room. 😊


Serving FMS Families:  Equity/Access ILT

A huge shout out to the Equity/Access ILT and all of the staff that supported their cause through donations.  As a result, 20 of our Frontier families were blessed with baskets to compile traditional Thanksgiving meals.  You are all continually making positive differences in the lives of our students and families.  Thank you so much!


Monday Motivation:  Empathy vs. Sympathy

We will bookend this week’s blog with another look at our students…particularly, the importance of empathy vs. sympathy.  In August, I shared how I feel about connection and how that is one of the most important things we can be/do for kids…even when they seemingly push us to the brink.  Because we are educators and we focus so much on growth, it seems as though we always feel the need to fix things.  As the video below from Brene Brown shows, however, sometimes the response is not as important as the connection.  Remember, kids don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  I am so thankful for our staff — you all truly care and work incredibly hard with students.  It’s hard work to pour your heart and soul into something that doesn’t always show us the progress we know kids need.  Know that we are aware of this and are thankful for all that you do:





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