Week of 9/25 – 9/29

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 9/25 N/A
Tuesday, 9/26 Superintendent Steach Visit

Cross County @ Covington – 3:30

Wednesday, 9/27 Technology Training @ 2:45 – Locations TBD
Thursday, 9/28 BAT Meeting @ 7:15 — Room 37

Football @ Skyridge – 3:30

Friday, 9/29 Budget Committee Meeting – After School

Frontier Gear

Motivational Monday!

Teachers, here’s a quick clip that should make you smile. There is a whole bunch of these 30 second spots on Values.com. Take a look when you need a little pick me up.

~ The Counseling Department

Week in Review

  • Open House: First of all – a big thank you to all staff for your efforts at our 2nd annual Open House.  The parking lot was full and students/families were abuzz as they navigated the campus.  Several students loaded up with freshly minted Frontier gear.  Bringing our families to school helps strengthen the home <–> school partnership, which is critical to our success.  Thank you!
  • PLP Kickoff:  On Wednesday, we kicked off our work around personalized learning plans for 2017-2018.  The long-term target for this work is to become the leader of your own learning as you take time to explore components of your practice in an effort to impact your own instruction, leading to student growth.  It was great to see you all working in various groups.  I am confident that your work this year will lead to some incredible, high-impact growth for both you and your students!
  • Student Support Brochure:  On Wednesday, I also shared a brochure that our Counseling Department created, outlining the options for support regarding student services.  For those interested, you can access that form digitally here.


Technology Training – Wednesday, 9/27

On Wednesday, 9/27, we will be holding tech training.  You were asked to vote and select one of the models below to meet your current tech needs.  Training will begin promptly at 2:45:

  • ItsLearning – I would like support around how to use the planner (uploading documents, using some basic features, communicating information with students)
    • Location: Media Center
  • ItsLearning II – I can do the above, but I would like to know more about how to create assignments/assessment in ItsLearning that can be graded and uploaded into my grade book
    • Location: Media Center
  • Hapara – I keep hearing about this, but I don’t really know what it is or how I can use it to manage student learning
    • Location: Room 33
  • SeeSaw – I would like to learn about how to use this digital learning portfolio to share learning (files, videos, photos, notes) with families
    • Location: Portable 11


Technology Support and FAQs

We have now reached a point where all students should have a device checked out to them. Please remind them to bring them everyday and remember to charge them at home each night.

Angie has 5 headsets to deliver to each teacher, please email if you need them. If you have more than 5, please return to Angie so that we can ensure that each classroom has a set.

Here is the protocol for accessing in-building technical support:

Angie Lantagne (Student Support) Call first (7034) or (3200):

  • Device-specific issues
  • Password/Skyward issues
  • Angie’s role is continuing to evolve based on what we are learning – thank you for your patience

Kelli McSheehy (Classroom Support)

  • Kelli can help with classroom-based technology as it pertains to student learning experiences
  • Pre-arrange similar to how you would schedule a class for a visit/lesson

Erin Pinning (Teacher Support)

  • Here on Tuesdays.  Email is the best way to reach her
  • She isn’t always available at a moment’s notice.
Following are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) and how we recommend handling the issue:

  • I forgot my device…
    • Student will not be able to access a loaner in this situation
    • Student may be able to look over the shoulder of a neighbor if appropriate
    • Work will need to be completed on paper (analog format)
    • If the student doesn’t bring their device repeatedly, ask them where it is and let us know if you think it may be missing
  • I don’t have headphones…
    • Each student was issued a set of earbuds to use with their Chromebook
    • Each teacher is being issued 5 sets of headphones as backups
  • A student’s device is not charged…
    • Student can plug their device into a wall plug and charge
    • If they don’t have a charging cord, suggest they borrow a neighbor’s cord
      • We are working to secure surge protectors to provide some of our classrooms with minimal plug-ins
  • I’m giving a district directed assessment and a student doesn’t have their Chromebook…
    • Contact Angie and we will check a device out to the teacher if they are available
  • What happened to all the Chromebooks and Laptop carts that we used to have?
    • The district has collected and redistributed them


Assembly Schedule (New)

In preparing for upcoming assemblies, we have created assembly schedules for each event.

Unfortunately, we are not able to do an assembly schedule that changes the elective schedule due to itinerant teachers who travel to different buildings. However, we have tried to minimize the impact by having some assemblies in the morning (Cookie Dough, Veteran’s Day, and the Holiday Assembly) and pep assemblies in the afternoon (4).

Please take a look at the schedule for each type of assembly and let us know if you have any concerns.


~ Marshall


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