Week of 5/1 – 5/5

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 5/1  

SBAC Testing Begins!

Tuesday, 5/2 Track @ Pacific MS – 3:30
Wednesday, 5/3 ILT Workgroups – After School
Thursday, 5/4 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Classified Meeting – Media Center @ 9:30 & 1:30

Track vs. Shahala @ Frontier – 3:30

Friday, 5/5 College Gear!

SBAC Begins!



Today marks the beginning of our SBAC assessment period.  During the month of May, multiple classrooms will be taking this test.  Please be advised by information present in Marshall’s email.  Details are below:

Good Morning Frontier, 
Today we begin our testing. I would like to thank Donna DeGrenier, Angie Lantagne, Pam McLaughlin for helping to support us all as we get things started. 
Following are a few things to help the process run smoothly:
Link to the WCAP Portal: http://wa.portal.airast.org/
  • Tabs to review
    1. Assessment Schedule
    2. Refusal List – Students whose parents have decided to refuse testing are listed here (If not on the list they need to begin testing. If they are holding a letter signed by their parent send them to the office)
    3. 5/1 Small Groups – This lists the locations of any student who will be testing outside of your classroom. Please send students to the room noted with the following items:
      • Test Ticket
      • Computer
      • Headphones
Students who refuse to test
On Monday morning if a student tells you that they don’t have to test, check the Refusal List (2nd tab in the 2017 Assessment Schedule). If listed, please send them to the office and they will be given a Test Refusal Pass for the remainder of the testing window. Every day the student will come to you for attendance then you can release them to go to the library where they are expected to work independently. If a student does not have a pass, they are to stay in your class and test. If they feel there is a mistake, please call X3210 before sending them to the activities office.
If you need technical assistance
Please call X3210 if you need help, Pam or Donna will radio Angie or Marshall to come to your room to resolve the problem.
Missing Test Tickets
Please look to the Student Lookup tab when in the WCAP. If you’re having any difficulties call X3210 and we will create one for your, or simply give you the student’s SSID# over the phone. If you have a ticket for a student who has withdrawn, please return it to Donna. She will modify your ticket count on the sign out sheet and shred the ticket. 
 Separate Setting Testing
If any of your students have been identified as needing a separate setting for testing, please give them their test ticket, computer, and headphones before they go to their designated testing room. Students will return before the end of the period to return all items.
Do Not Disturb Signs
If you are a 6th or 7th grade Humanities or an 8th grade Math teacher, there is a red do not disturb sign in your mail box. Please post it on your door during testing.


ILT – Remaining Dates

Just a reminder that we have just two more ILT meetings before our June share out. More specifically, the following details are remaining sessions:

ILT Workgroups:  May 3rd, May 24th –> ILT Share-out: June 7th
ILT Core Instruction:  May 10th, May 24th –> ILT Share-out: June 7th

The week in photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thank you, Summit View Church!

On Sunday, Summit View Church and many of its members arrived at Frontier to provide a day of service.  They spent 5 hours cleaning the grounds, picking up trash, washing windows, weeding, and cleaning out the green house/garden area.  We are so grateful for their time and effort.  Thanks to Michele Robertson for connecting with Summit View to arrange for this day.


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