Week of 3/20 – 3/24


I hope you had a chance to enjoy the sunshine yesterday…I fear that we may be reverting back to the scene above as the week progresses.  

Key Dates

*Since the weeks leading up to Spring Break tend to fly, I am providing key dates for the next two weeks.

Date Event
Monday, 3/12 First Day of Spring!
Tuesday, 3/21 Boys Basketball vs. Cascade (@FMS – 3:30)

Frontier Drama Presents: Rapunzel
7:00 PM – Student Center

Wednesday, 3/22 ILT Workgroups – After School
Thursday, 3/23 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Boys Basketball vs. Cov (@Cov- 3:30)

Frontier Drama Presents: Rapunzel
7:00 PM – Student Center

Friday, 3/24


Early Release – End of Trimester

College Gear!

Date Event
Monday, 3/27 New Trimester Begins

Track Season Begins

Tuesday, 3/28 N/A
Wednesday, 3/29 All Staff: Restorative Practices meeting – 3:00 in Media Center
Thursday, 3/30 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Superintendent Classroom Visits

Friday, 3/31 Report cards go home

Frontier Gear!

MakerSpace Madness

Thanks to Mrs. McSheehy and Mrs. Burgoyne, the MakerSpace arena is really up and running now.  If you have an opportunity to see what the students are up to, check in during one of the lunch hours or after school on Mondays.  Below are just some of the great things that are happening!


The MakerSpace sign (crafted by our own Todd Elgin) surrounded by posters designed to evoke the maker spirit!


Students stacking up Keva planks to build the highest tower (by grade level)


This student learned how to sew and crafted this enormous pillow!

Staff Shares

Below are some resources that were recently shared by staff.

This video was shared by one of our staff members – as a self-proclaimed metaphor junkie, I love the symbolism in The Blueberry Story.  It also serves as a great reminder regarding the complexity of our jobs and working with our students.  The video is about 6 minutes and the  metaphor comes at the end…please don’t judge Mr. Vollmer by his cream suit.  🙂

Another resource shared by a staff member is this article on the importance of compassion.  As we continue thinking about equity and access in Evergreen, it’s always helpful to read a variety of perspectives and resources on the matter.   This article is written from the experience of an educator that his recognized the shifts in their practice.

Finally, while it is highly unlikely that you have not already seen the Rita Pierson “Every Kid Needs a Champion” video, it still holds up after all those views.  Once again, this highlights the importance of relationships and compassion when working with our various students.  Thank you, Rita!!!

Final Call – Staff Questionnaire!

Just a reminder to complete the Staff Questionnaire that I sent out a couple of weeks ago.  We are gathering input from all of you while we build the master schedule.  As always, we will do the best we can to accommodate requests while still tending to the needs dictated by the schedule.  There is also an opportunity to voice some requests you have for various opportunities (leadership, higher education, certification, coaching, clubs, and more).

Click here to access the form.  Please be sure this is completed by March 31st.




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