Week of 2/21 – 2/24

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 2/20 No School
Tuesday, 2/21 Girls Basketball vs. Wy’East @ FMS – 3:30
Wednesday, 2/22 Girls Basketball vs. Cascade @ FMS – 3:30

Rapid Responder Training (all staff) – after school in the Media Center

Thursday, 2/23 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Early Release – Parent Conferences

Conferences in the Round – 5:00 – 7:00

Friday, 2/124 Early Release – Parent Conferences

College Gear!

Rapid Responder Training!  🙂

On Wednesday, Director of Safety and Security – Shane Gardner – will lead us through a Rapid Responder training.

Many of us were able to experience the power of this little program on Thursday, when we had some accidental button-pushing activate live incidents.  In the fashion that it was designed, district personnel – and all personnel with the app installed – were notified of said incident.  So … the good news it that it works!


Fear not, however, as accidental button pushes are common when you first go into the app (I am raising my hand).  Shane will help us understand how to use it, as well as help us install it on our mobile devices should we choose to (I recommend it).

We will meet after school in the media center for this training.  All staff are required to attend.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thank you!


KTS and HH Award:

I am late in recognizing a couple of staff members who have been honored by their peers for their contributions towards making Frontier an amazing place to be.  Please read below to hear their awesomeness:

Key to Success (From Melina Dyer to Bob Kenck):

It’s my turn to pass on the Key to our Success Award. I’m giving it to someone who works tirelessly in the interest of all of us. The past few mornings as our building has had heat issues, he spent hours checking in on colleagues and working with staff and admin to ensure that kids and adults had a comfortable place to work and learn. He readily shares anything–from unit plans to his pickup truck to snacks and coffee–and goes the extra mile to help anyone who needs it. His work with EEA directly supports every teacher here.  ~ Melina

Thank you, Bob Kenck, for all you do every day!

Helping Hand (From Angie Lantagne to Julie Wolfe)

I think it’s time for me to hand off my great honor-the helping hand award!  In a building full of amazing people there is one standout for me-Super Security Julie Wolfe.  She is one of the hardest working ladies I know.  The students respect her, look up to her and respond to her because she treats them with kindness, respect and holds them to a high standard of behavior.  For staff, she just makes all of our lives easier and is never without her smile and positive attitude.   Thanks for all you do Julie for everyone at Frontier!  ~ Angie

Thank you, Julie, for all that you do to help make Frontier a great place for all!

Conferences This Week!

Just a reminder that we will be holding our parent-teacher conferences this week.  Please, please, please update the conference log with anyone you are conferencing with.  This is particularly helpful for newer staff so they do not double-book someone.

As a reminder:

Thursday, February 23rd (Early Release)

  • When: 12:30 – 3:00
  • Where: Room Locations (by Grade level) TBA
  • Who: All D/F students; students struggling for academic/behavioral purposes; any student at risk
Conferences in the Round
  • When: 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Where: Large Gym
  • Who: All D/F students; students struggling for academic/behavioral purposes; any student at risk; other parents who can show up at this time

Conference Spreadsheet – Click Here

Shout Outs

On Wednesday of last week, our 8th grade students met with a series of professionals from our local community through our partnership with nConnect.  Our 8th grade students were well-mannered and asked excellent questions of our panelists.  Big thanks to Anna Marchuk for organizing this event, Heather and Lesley for some pre/post work, and of course, our wonderful 8th grade teachers for being so flexible.


Future Silverbacks!

On Friday, our Future Silverbacks filled our halls, classrooms, student center and gymnasium.  After watching our talented musicians perform in the student center, 5th graders were led by ASB/Leadership students where they saw a sneak peak of some classrooms, gathered the lay of the land, and ended with some time to learn about middle school life from current students.  Thank you to everyone that stepped up to make our newcomers feel so welcome!  Students showed their future Frontier pride with the Silverback Stomp below:





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