Week of 1/23 – 1/27

Get Inspired!

In the wake of media frenzy that is nearly inescapable, I want to take a moment to remind everyone of the honor that we have in serving students as they embark on the journey of developing into the citizens that will one day shape our world.  Below is a video that really inspires me to keep digging in, despite how challenging things can be.  I hope you can find some inspiration in it, as well.  Here’s to not judging fish by their ability to climb trees!

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 1/23 Nothing at this time
Tuesday, 1/24 Girls Basketball vs. Cascade — Both Gyms @ 3:30
Wednesday, 1/25 ILT Workgroups – After School (Make-up from 1/11 canceled date) 
Thursday, 1/26 BAT Meeting @ 7:25 — Room 37

Girls Basketball vs. Skyridge — Both Gyms @ 3:30

Friday, 1/27 Snow Day Make-up

College Gear!

Wednesday Recap!

Thank you for your hard work during Wednesday’s early release, particularly after a wacky start to the week.  To recap:

Thank you all for your effort as we continue our efforts as an innovative organization committed to providing authentic, purposeful learning for our students!


If you would like to read a great article that is describing what we are hoping to do with Personalized Learning, check out this article.


Core Instruction Learning Walks

This week, Core Instruction ILT members will engage in learning walks in one another’s classrooms (Core Instruction member/ILT member classrooms only).  There are several goals of this process:

  • Increase access to classrooms in an effort to learn from peers/colleagues
  • Share instructional strategies connection to the EPS essentials of personalized learning; how teachers are utilizing workshop strategies and/or technology in the classroom
  • Create a culture in which feedback loops are more readily available
  • Help bring the work of personalized learning to scale – helping our teaching and learning go viral

It is important to remember that the process of making changes to our practice is slow and often messy — however, it only takes a first follower to make a movement (as demonstrated by “Shirtless Dancing Guy”)

Key Takeaways:

The best way to make a movement, if you really care, is to courageously follow and show others how to follow.

When you find a lone nut doing something great, have the guts to be the first person to stand up and join in.



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