Week of 12/12 – 12/16

New Blog

So our Blogger vanished into the Blogosphere…neither myself, Maria, or the Blogger tech support can determine what happened to it.  The conspirator in me points to our friends at Skynet.


Thanks to those of you who got the Skynet reference, you passed the nerd test!  🙂

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 12/12 ….
Tuesday, 12/13 ….
Wednesday, 12/14 ….
Thursday, 12/15 Snowpocalypse!
Friday, 12/16 Final day before break!

Frontier Gear!

Getting Smarter

On Wednesday, we braved the initial waves of Snowpocalypse and dug into the EPS Essentials for Personalized Learning to identify ways in which our past and future unit plans can incorporate one of these essentials.

7th grade science, for example, is exploring how Critical Thinking and Creativity can be a focus within their upcoming unit.  In particular, they discussed exploring how an upcoming problem-based learning task can generate student choice and boost engagement as students gather appropriate information to either generate a new solution or improve upon one that already exists.  This aligns with the growing language within CT&T Choose from a range of authentic tasks addressing real-world problems applying new or prior knowledge to develop new solutions or refine those of others.”  The group also discussed how they can frame the research element of the project in a way that balances their need to keep information-gathering process relevant and manageable while still allowing for the freedom to explore content that is interesting to students.

We are getting smarter every day!  Thanks for sharing your thinking, team!

KTS & HH Award Winners!

The Key to Success award goes to…


Melina Dyer

From Dustin Allen:

The other day I was struggling to use the new copy machine for the first time (yes, I had missed all of the training sessions).  I was scrambling to get some copies ready for use in class that morning.  Melina, happened to chance by, and I am sure had plenty to do to get ready for her own day, but was kind enough to stop and help me out with my initial login.  This speaks to what kind of person Melina is.  Though I don’t often get a chance to work with Melina, when I do she is a fantastic person to have on your team.  Kind, hardworking, helpful, and very personable.  I am sure her math colleagues would agree that Frontier Middle School is lucky to have her on staff.  Though you may not have considered your helping out the other day to be a very big deal Melina, it was greatly appreciated.  Thank you, and enjoy the key to success.

The Helping Hand award goes to…


Angie Lantagne

From Griffin and several others

With the onset of devices arriving, Angie has been able to step up in a number of ways.  As we all know, this technology did not come with a roller coaster of ups/downs/twists/turns. Along each step of the way, Angie has been there to troubleshoot, communicate, put out fires, deliver items, field requests, answer questions, and more.  She has been critical in her role this year.  The thought of how things may have felt in her absence is a bit scary.  In addition to her continued support with technology, you are bound to find Angie helping in just about every other capacity that her schedule allows (and sometimes more than that).  Angie – thank you for your continued help this year and for doing so with a smile!  We are very grateful!

PAL’ing around!

Something you may not know…  Each month (starting last month), PAL of Vancouver (Police Activities League) hosts a lunch for around 12 7th graders.  PAL is a non-profit organization that partners with law enforcement agencies to promote positive relationships between law enforcement officers and youth in the community through educational programs and recreational opportunities.  Volunteers from PAL are both law enforcement officers and community members.  This month, the group revisited their Community Agreement Contract and did some team-building with puzzles.  Success: the group managed to keep the students engaged on A) an early release day B) an early release day with the promise of looming snow and C) an early release day with the promise of looming snow in a room filled with Burgerville cheeseburgers and french fries!  If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is!  FYI – The group is hosted by a former Frontier student, Alyssa Ferguson!



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